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Administration Policy of the TTAA


Administration Policy of the Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) 2012 – 2014

  1. Create new opportunities for generating income for members through marketing, sales, and opening of new distribution channels.
  2. Support members in participating in resolving problems in generating income. Have a system and procedures.
  3. Coordinate proactively with tourism organisations, both domestic and international, for the benefit of generating income for members.
  4. Protect the interests of members for impartiality through negotiations, proposals of opinions, and participating in the opposing of illegalities.
  5. Participate in the development in the ability to compete for members and increase the working potential of employees to have job security.
  6. Cooperate and coordinate with all associations to work together.
  7. Follow the drafting of the Ministry’s laws, act, and various regulations of the law that will be proclaimed.
  8. Coordinate with various government agencies; e.g., Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and representatives of the Tourism Council comprising MPs and Senators.
  9. Organise the establishing of a credit data centre of affiliates, tour leaders, ticketing staff, cashiers, and sales staff.
  10. Arrange rules for members and create competitiveness as well as the development and expansion of regional branches.
  11. Coordinate with international organisations, especially in ASEAN, for members to have the bargaining power and advantages.
  12. Organise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for members to have a role in contributing to society.
  13. Create personnel and raise the standards of international tour leaders for the launching of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
  14. Improve the Association’s management by supporting members to have an increased role and their intended benefits to have importance.
    This is conducted through the following structure:
    1. Advisory Board: Will invite senior members and qualified persons in the air ticket and outbound circle to be members of the Advisory Board to provide advice and suggestions to the Board.
    2. Board of Directors comprises the President of the Association and team who have been elected by the members to be responsible for the policy and general administration of the Association as well as the coordination with other committees that are established.
    3. Outbound Committee will be established from members that conduct outbound business in various markets, so to oversee and promote this business in various aspects as follows:
      – Sales and marketing; e.g., the Thai International Travel Fair (TITF) twice/year and Consortium of member groups.
      – Development of products and services; e.g., Fam trips to new routes or participation in various international travel marts to increase the knowledge about products and services.
    4. International Affairs Committee will be established from members that have various abilities; e.g., can speak Chinese or Hindi, for example, so to be a working group in launching markets in other countries,conducting activities and urgent duties that will learn and improve the strategic procedures to be an entrepreneur of ASEAN or an ASEAN Travel Agent/ASEAN Citizen to enter the Asian Community movement together and on time in the year 2015, as well as creating TTAA to be recognised on the global stage like the WTO.
      – Introduce the importance of TTAA to embassies/NTOs and airlines as soon as possible.
      – Contact consulates/foreign ministries to coordinate with government agencies for various embassies that are based in Thailand to understand and promote for embassies to facilitate visas.
      – Organise strategies to create the consent and agreement of being an entrepreneur by establishing
      understanding for clients that utilise the services of tour companies to know the operations of the company has expenses and that clients acknowledge and are willing to pay for the service that is known as the Agent’s Professional Fee.
      – Create the ability and justification for developing knowledge by establishing strong relationships, so to develop Thai operators to have interaction with all 10 member countries of ASEAN’s operators and ASEAN embassies based in Thailand.
      – Organise logistics tours or tour programmes to exchange and discuss business through surveys or connecting routes within ASEAN.
    5. Education and Training Committee: To create new professions to enter the tourism circle and develop the work to have increased potential; e.g., training of tour leaders, front office sales staff, and incentive groups.
      – Invite NTOs that have an office in Thailand to provide knowledge to members regarding tourism.
      – Organise training relating to Indochina and other routes at least twice/year as well as have training in sales techniques by professional instructors.
      – Arrange Luxury Tourism training twice/year for members to know and be familiar with the working team of the Association.
    6. Ticketing Committee will be established from members that sell airline tickets so to oversee this business including the promotion and resolving of problems; e.g.,
      – Create mutual relationships with various airlines.
      – Discuss with IATA/BSP so to maintain the members’ interests to be fair; e.g., bank guarantee, insurance, deposit, commission, etc.
      – Coordinate with associations in ASEAN; e.g., NATAS/MATTA so to sell air tickets and tours together in the project ‘ASEAN Air Pass
      (Hip Hop Pass)’. In addition, the Ticketing Committee can establish a subcommittee to provide assistance accordingly; e.g., a working committee to solve the problem of commissions or with low-cost airlines, for example.
    7. Secretariat Office: To evaluate the various work, the Association must have permanent staff that have sufficient capability to conduct the policy and welcome staff from various committees and provide continuity. A strong Secretariat Office can therefore continue the administration work of the Association through the director/manager and staff in various positions that are necessary; e.g., accounting and finance staff, administration staff, etc.
    8. Activities Event Committee
      – Various forms of recreation or creating closer relationships together between agents,operators,annual sports competition,
      New Year’s party, etc.
      – Marketing and sales; e.g., organising the Thai International Travel fair (TITF) twice/year and coordinate with the activities of the government; e.g., Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s activities together with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.