Business Matching (B2B)

New opportunities in the digital economy era enhance the market for both buyers and sellers in the global tourism business. This is extremely important as various forms of information can reach travelers at all times and in all places. Therefore businesses must adapt to competition and explore newer business openings part from just reducing costs.

Thailand’s outbound tourism, as an emerging market is growing tremendously. Based on data collected, the number of Thai tourists traveling abroad is expected to increase by 10% within the new 3 years. The Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) has acknowledged the importance of this information and in order to capture the potential of such opportunity – has created a platform for international sellers to meet with Thai buyers.

The 6th Thai International Travel Fair Business Matching 2018 provides a stage for sellers to meet buyers directly and discuss potential business opportunities in exploring newer products and services. Buyers are invited from within the Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) – with more than 150 buyers expected to turnout to this event.

In addition to being one of the best entries into the Thai outbound tourism market, the 6th Thai International Travel Fair Business Matching 2018 is hosted on the 10th August 2018, taking place during the Thai International Travel Fair (9th-12th August 2018) allowing sellers to extend their stay in Thailand – and visit one of the best travel trade show in the tourism industry.

So that’s killing two birds with one stone!

Why wait? Register now to avail the Early Bird Discount for Sellers and take part in the 6th Thai International Travel Fair Business Matching 2018.


 Organizer: Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA)

 Date: 10th August 2018

 Venue: Lotus Room, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre


  • Prepare tour operators and increase the potential in conducting the Thai outbound tourism business
  • Help in promoting and stimulating the Thai outbound tourism market
  • Increase ways for conducting business in the tourism industry for TTAA members
  • Promote contacts and bridge the gap between worldwide tourism sellers and Thai buyers
  • Support various companies to learn more about tourism destinations and products of various countries
  • Establish an exchange of tourism products between buyers and sellers
  • Promote tourism cooperation between various companies with an aim of developing a global network with Thai Travel Agents Association as the intermediary

The Business Matching (B2B) can be attended by all countries and organizations to exchange tourism and related products and services – whether you’re a land operator, an airline, a hotel, representing a tourism attraction etc.

 Participating Countries: Worldwide

 Target Sellers: Ground operators, land operators, airlines, hotels, attractions etc.

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