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TTAA Members’ Code of Ethics

The Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) has stipulated the Code of Ethics for the Association’s members to adhere as guidelines, which will create unity, standards, stability and sustainability of their profession. This will be consistent with the objectives and philosophy of TTAA in elevating and promoting the Thai tourism industry to be sustainable.

  1. Members will conduct business that have standards of professionalism, quality and morals, and will not deliberately do anything that could cause any disrepute to the integrity of the profession.
  2. Members will preserve and maintain a positive image of the country and the culture of the Thai people.
  3. Members will promote to tourists to respect cultural differences as well as study, understand, learn, and exchange positive experiences of travelling.
  4. Members will provide cooperation and support campaigns for environmental protection and the local cultural identity that is being visited and not support behaviour that causes damage to the environment, local culture, and self-respect of humanity.
  5. Members will promote responsible and sustainable tourism that utilises tourism activities to create friendship, understanding, and respect between people in society.
  6. Members will support tourism activities that are in harmony with the culture, traditions and respect for the law and customs, and generate benefits for the community and country visited.