About Us

About TTAA

Background of the Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA)

Established in 1984 under the name “Travel Agents Association (TAA), the Association is a gathering of outbound tour operators and air ticket sales distribution agencies. The main objective is to promote and raise the standards of the aforementioned business of members.

In 1991, the name of the TAA was changed to be the Thai Travel Agents Association or TTAA, which is still presently used.  This reflects TTAA as being a travel association in Thailand and having a meaning that increasingly covers the tour business.

Since its establishment, TTAA has had a role in promoting and creating stability for BSP agents and outbound tour businesses. This has been the major objective of the Association for its founding.  Also TTAA has cooperated with other tourism organisations in promoting the Thai tourism industry to develop and have strength up to the present time.

TTAA has achieved its goal of having a total of 942 members comprising operators nationwide.


  • Is the representative of members in contacting, negotiating, proposing and exchanging opinions with various agencies, both domestic and international.
  • Protects the interests and resolves problems so to create stability in members’ livelihood.
  • Creates new business opportunities for members by increasing sales channels and searching for new tourism products.
  • Increases the competitive ability of members by organising trainings to increase their knowledge, skills, and new perspectives in conducting business.
  • Promotes members to conduct their business with set standards, responsibility, and ethics.


Is a leading tourism association in ASEAN.


  1. Creates networks and mutual relations, both domestically and internationally, with tourism promotion organisations worldwide.
  2. Raises the standards and potential service competitiveness of members to be of an international level.
  3. Compiles the knowledge base and tourism business information to disseminate to members and consumers.
  4. Is an organisation that has status and potential with administrative stability and sustainability in all aspects.

Business Philosophy

Have integrity, transparency, and efficiency.