TTAA แจ้งรายชื่อคณะกรรมการบริหารสมาคมไทยบริการท่องเที่ยว วาระปี 2567 – 2569

Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA) held its election for the new Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on 29 April, 2024. The new board will hold its tenure for a period of 2 years (2024-2026) effective as of May, 2024.

In this connection, TTAA would like to introduce the new Board of Directors for your information. They are as follows:

  1. Mr. Charoen                       Wangananont                                  President
  2. Mr. Thanapol                     Cheewarattanaporn                       Vice President
  3. Mr. Yutthachai                  Soonthronrattanavate                  Vice President
  4. Mr. Sitthichai                     Udomkitthanakul                           Vice President
  5. Mr. Viboon                         Kamontho                                         Vice President
  6. Kriangphon                       Piyaekchai (Ph.D)                            Vice President
  7. Mr. Chotechuang             Soorangura                                       Vice President
  8. Mr. Phumiphiphat           Meesamran                                       Vice President
  9. Mrs. Sunanta                     Euaumpon                                        Vice President
  10. Mr. Jirawat                         Wongsomsri                                      Vice President
  11. Mrs. Kanlayanee              Assanee                                             Honors Secretary   
  12. Mrs. Bousarin                    Kugasemrat                                      Board Committee & Treasurer
  13. Mrs. Jintana                       Wetchapinan                                    Registrar
  14. Mr. Chonlatee                   Sangsawang                                     Public Relations
  15. Mr. Nirut                             Charoenpradit                                  Board Committee Liaison
  16. Mrs. Preeya                        Kalong                                                Board Committee
  17. Mrs. Kamolanate              Kananuwat                                       Board Committee
  18. Mr. Sahanop                      Detya                                                  Board Committee
  19. Miss Panittha                    Wongsuk                                           Board Committee
  20. Mr. Bodi                              Bishop                                               Board Committee
  21. Mrs. Annabelle S.             Daokaew                                           Board Committee
  22. Mr. Chattrin                       Pientam                                            Board Committee
  23. Mr. Thanit                          Pariphatthananon                         Board Committee
  24. Mr. Wira                              Kongyen                                           Board Committee
  25. Mr. Natouchphong          Aisi                                                    Board Committee
  26. Mr. Sirapat                         Wichaisuchard                               Board Committee
  27. Mr. Pachara                       Phetrattanakul                               Board Committee